Improvement in Autistic Behaviours Following Chiropractic Care


CHILD #1 : A seven year old male with autism. After 8 visits the mother reported:

  • Decreased looks of confusion
  • Increase in talking
  • Decrease in bedwetting
  • Decrease in response to food allergies

On the 12th visit the mother reported her son had received the “Most Improved
Student” at the end of the school year.

Child #2 : A five year old male with autism. He was initially brought to the chiropractor because of constipation. As care progressed his school reported improved reports. After 4 months of care an autism evaluation check list showed improvements in:  

  • Speech, language & communication
  • Sociability
  • Learning
  • Health & physical behaviour

Child #3 : A four year old male with autism. On visit 13 the father reported improved coordination skills (throwing a baseball). After 22 visits the mother reported:

  • Increased initiation of conversations with adults and children
  • Better eye contact
  • Better able to participate in after school activities

Child #4 : A four year old male with occulo motor apraxia (the eyes are unable to follow an object without turning the head). The child also had a history of seizures, a clumsy gait and had difficulty in learning movement patterns. After 8 visits the mother reported: improvement in balance and running without falling. On visit 13:

  • Less tripping & more desire to run
  • Better endurance when walking
  • Napping better, fewer outbursts and less apprehension
This is pretty ‘heady stuff’. Chiropractic is not intended to be a treatment for autism or anything else. But when you focus on vertebral subluxation correction the nervous system will perform better, and yes, health, well-being and improved function can be restored.
— Dr. Scott Macaulay

Reference: Rubin D, Wilson H, Harward R: Improvement in Autistic Behaviors Following Chiropractic Care: The Application of Polyvagal Theory and its Relationships to Pediatric Chiropractic. J. Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health August 11, 2016.