Your Heart Rate – Stress – and Overall Health

Heart rate variability (HRV) measures the time interval between heart beats.  HRV is an indicator of how efficiently the nervous system is functioning particularly in the area of how well people can adapt and recover from stress events.  

The more your heart can adapt … the less damage stress-related events will be for your health.

An HRV neuro scan gives you and your chiropractor vital information about how your nervous system is reacting to daily stresses.  A poorly charged and over stressed nervous system changes the way the heart and other organs work to keep you healthy.

Chiropractic is on the leading edge using neurological scanning technologies like HRV, to determine a person’s overall health and wellness …

  • In 5 minutes the HRV scan can analyze the balance within your autonomic nervous system (that’s the part of your nervous system that controls your blood vessels, organs & glands)
  • It can determine if stress is draining your adaptive reserves
  • And it measures your ability to recover and bounce back from stress
To give us a window into the functional nervous system we use three different sensors (one being HRV) so an awareness of the efficiency of the nervous system can be measured …
— Dr. Scott Macaulay