Landmark Study Shows Benefit of Maintenance Care vs Symptom Relief


"Spinal Manipulation Therapy is effective for the treatment of chronic low back pain.  To obtain long-term benefit, this study suggests maintenance spinal manipulation after the initial intensive manipulative therapy."

"At the 4 and 7 month evaluation the mean pain score gradually elevated back toward the pre treatment level in the non-maintained spinal manipulation therapy group.  However, pain score in the maintained spinal manipulation therapy group continued improving." 

Key Concepts:
Spinal mobility, spinal comfort and spine-related functional ability and quality of life all showed the exact same trend; the group that received maintenance care not only maintained but increased mobility, comfort, function, and quality of life as time under maintenance care progressed over the 10 months.

The group that did not receive maintenance care not only failed to improve, they actually lost the improvements they had made during the first month.

A maintenance chiropractic care program consisting of care every 2 weeks not only prevents relapse and a waste of the initial investment, it pays dividends in continued improvements!
— Chiropractic & Health Newsletter, January 2017

REFERENCE: Senna, M.K. and Machaly, S.A. (2011) "Does maintained spinal manipulation therapy for chronic nonspecific low back pain result in better long term outcome?" Spine. Aug 15;36(18):1427-37.