Medical Journal Review Confirms the Benefits of Manipulation for Low Back Pain

  • In one group of "randomized control trials" consisting of 1711 patients ... spinal manipulative therapy showed moderate-quality evidence with significant improvements in pain.
  • In another group of "randomized control trials" consisting of 1381 patients ... spinal manipulative therapy produced moderate-quality evidence with significant improvements in function.
  • Not one of the "randomized control trials" reported any serious adverse event.
  • Even larger benefits were seen with more high quality studies.


This review of 26 "randomized control trials" (3092 patients) showed that spinal manipulative therapy (adjustment) was associated with statistically significant benefits in both pain and function when compared with sham or alternative treatments.


  1. The Chiropractic adjustment: reduces pain, increases comfort, and increases functional ability (movement).
  2. The Chiropractic adjustment is more effective than surgery, usual medical care and physiotherapy.


  • Opioids, over the long-term, are addictive, deadly, expensive and ineffective.
  • Other drugs lack the evidence of being clinically effective and have proven side effects.
  • Compared to Chiropractic, physiotherapy is not shown to be as effective for spinal conditions and back pain.
  • There can be only one scientific and logical conclusion ... Chiropractic is the safest, most clinically effective and most cost-effective choice for patients with spinal health issues (excluding spinal fractures, spinal infections and spinal cancer)


Chiropractic & Health, A Natural Connection, February 2018

Paige et al. (2017) Association of Spinal Manipulative Therapy with Clinical Benefit and Harm for Acute low Back Pain. Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. JAMA; 317 (14): 1451-1460