Ph.D. in Biomechanics (movement) Explains Importance of Segmental Motion and Chiropractic

Quotes From the Study:

"Muscles, interconnecting the spinal segments, are richly supplied with sensory nerve receptors that sense joint position and muscle length. This information is sent to the brain, via sensory nerves, allowing the brain to control overall spinal posture and avoid injury"

"Where joints and muscles are irritated or injured [subluxation], this body to brain communication becomes distorted and proper spinal alignment and movement is diminished"

Key Concepts:

  • Loss of segmental spinal motion interrupts the messages from the joint and muscle to the brain.
  • Makes it harder for the brain to sense joint position and muscle tension.
  • Your brain can only coordinate proper joint and muscle position and movement when proper signals from the joints and muscles are getting through.
  • Proper segmental motion is the key component for the delivery of proper joint and muscle signals reaching the brain.

Key Take Home Points:

  1. Abnormal joint motion in your spine distorts or diminishes the messages between your body and your brain.
  2. The tissues associated with these "stuck" joints become inflamed and begin to degenerate.
  3. Your brain becomes less able to coordinate movement and posture and this predisposes the tissues to injury.

A Viable Solution:

  • Chiropractic is so effective because it restores segmental spinal motion ...
  • Thus restoring proper communication  between body and brain ...
  • Allowing for better coordinated movement, posture and less susceptibility to injury ...


McGill, S. Ph.D. Stability: From Biomechanical Concept to Chiropractic Practice. Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association. 1999;43(2)

Chiropractic & Health Newsletter, March 2018 Dr. James Chestnut M.Sc, D.C., C.C.W.P. 

A healthy spine requires proper segmental motion.  Chiropractors are the world's leading experts in detecting and correcting areas of segmental dysfunction [subluxation].

Chiropractic - essential care for spinal health.