Study Shows Vitamin D has Dramatic Preventative Power Over Cancer


"Vitamin D concentrations > 40 ng/ml were associated with substantial reduction in risk of all invasive cancers."

"Specifically, there was a 77% lower incidence rate of breast cancer for >40 ng/ml vs no supplementation at all."

"These results show the importance of vitamin D for the prevention of cancer."

What You Need To Know:
What this, and previous studies show, is that vitamin D deficiency significantly increases cancer risk and vitamin D sufficiency significantly and dramatically decreases cancer risk.

A study by Lowe et al. published in the European Journal of Cancer in 2005 reported an 83% reduction in breast cancer risk for women with high vs low vitamin D levels.

A study by Mohr et al. in 2014 showed that breast cancer patients with the highest levels of vitamin D had approximately half the fatality rate of patients with the lowest levels of vitamin D.

A four year study by Lappe et al. published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2007 reported a 77% reduction in all invasive breast cancers in women who supplemented with vitamin D vs those who did not supplement.

You need to get sufficient in Vitamin D. There is simply no easier or less expensive or more evidenced-based way to lower your risk of cancer and to increase your ability to prevent it than by supplementing with Innate Choice Omega A+D Sufficiency. Your best source of both Omega 3 and vitamin D.
— Living the Innate Lifestyle Newsletter, January 2017

REFERENCE: McDonnell et al. (April 2016) Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Concentrations >40 ng/ml Are Associated with >65% Lower Cancer Risk: Pooled analysis of randomized Trial and prospective Cohort Study PLos One 11(4)