The Ultimate ALL YEAR'S Resolution: "Live Right for Your Species Type"

  • Genetically ... we are programed to express physical and psychological health - more than we'll ever need to experience a wonderful quality of life.
  • Our genes have been passed on to us from thousands of generations of ancestors who themselves, had to survive for us to even be here.
  • We are genetic superstars with an almost unlimited potential for health and happiness.
  • But expressing this potential is not a predetermined given, nor is it based on luck or random chance;  it is based on the quality of your living environment and your lifestyle choices.
  • The human gene, as in all species, has nutritional, movement (exercise) and psychosocial requirements that allow us to create health and avoid sickness.  We get sick when those essential inputs are missing.
  • Getting and staying well requires that we develop lifestyle habits that match our human genetic requirements ... "Live Right for Your Species Type"

What You Need to Know:

You need to know what are the nutritional, exercise, and psychosocial lifestyle choices required for humans to express health and avoid chronic lifestyle illness. You need to learn how to "Eat Well - Move Well - Think Well".

Just like every other species, if you do not eat, move, think, and socially interact in ways that match your genetic design you cannot get and stay well ... you will get and stay sick.  This is a biological law.

What You Need to Do:

To express your potential for health and happiness you must be able to identify and consistently make healthy lifestyle choices.  Make it your resolution to commit to making these 6 easy, sustainable changes for 2018.

  1. Go for a walk every day (1 minute is better than 0 - work up to 30 minutes).
  2. Do some deep squats and push-ups every day (1 is better than none - work up to 3 sets of 25)
  3. Eat raw vegetables every day.
  4. Drink 4 glasses of clean water every day.
  5. Supplement with the Innate Choice Essential Nutrients every day.
  6. Take time to be grateful and to focus on positive thoughts about yourself every day.

As simple as this may seem, following these easy steps has been shown to significantly reduce the incidence of virtually every chronic illness and to significantly improve health, happiness, and quality of life.


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